Film schedule • October 2, 3, 4 • 2015 Highway 61 Film Festival


Director: Sebastien Chamaillard • Comedy Short – 2015 2nd Place Winner • France • 14 min
Julien, new recruit at the “Skin Center” sofa store, has a disastrous first test day on the job. His boss threatens to fire him if he does not make a sale within the next 24 hours!

Director: Mikhail Dovzhenko • Comedy Short – 2015 Finalist • Russia • 20 min
Based on true events, listeners are offered the choice to destroy (by paper shredder) or save a well-known, expensive, but controversial, contemporary work of art on live radio.

The Last Birthday
Director: Hannah Gautrey • Student Short – 2015 1st Place Winner • United Kingdom • 10 min
Wilfred spends his birthday in a retirement home wishing to be young. However his authoritarian caregiver prioritizes safety over happiness and they soon clash.

The Martyr

The Martyr
Director: Darren Langlands • Drama Short – 2015 2nd Place Winner • United Kingdom • 10 min
MI5 Agent Laura Kent explains her actions to an internal inquiry in the aftermath of a major terrorism incident.

Get a Job
Director: Brian Kohne • Comedy Feature – 2015 1st Place Winner • Hawaii • 1 hour 30 min
Two friends attempt to find the dignity of gainful employment while bumbling through life and sharing the Aloha Spirit in Hawaii.

Get a Job



Maintenance Required
Director: JC Falcon • Action/Horror Short – 2015 1st Place Winner • California • 15 min
When Nappy, an overprotected simpleton in his 40s, loses his mother, he decides to journey to Las Vegas to find the love of his life.

Cami Leon Should Have Said No!
Director: Ryan Schaddelee • Comedy Short – not for competition • Minneapolis/St. Paul • 8 min
Cami Leon isn’t your average girl, she has a bit of a “condition” that brings her on an adventure filled day, with interesting interactions, leading to a date no one will ever forget!

Tom Thumb Jr

The Life and Times of Thomas Thumb Jr.
Director: Ryan Fox • Comedy Short – 2015 Finalist • Wisconsin • 15 min
Thomas Thumb Jr. is unlike any other man. He has a giant thumb for a head and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve the American Dream.

Lincoln 666
Director: Ryan Becken • Comedy Short – not for competition • Minneapolis/St. Paul • 8 min
A mad painter believes he has painted the perfect portrait of Abraham Lincoln, but no one shares his vision. He doesn’t take it well.

Director: Michael Forstein • Drama Short – 2015 Finalist • Minneapolis • 15 min
Desperate for work, Darren agrees to a one-day trial as a door-to-door meat salesman.

The Raid
Director: Nathan Johnson • Action/Horror Short – 2015 Semifinalist • Kettle River • 17 min
After the outbreak of an unknown disease destroys society, groups of survivors must forage for shelter and supplies. In the process, many lose their sense of humanity.

The Raid2

We All Go the Same
Director: Morgana McKenzie • Student Short – 2015 Finalist • Canada • 4 min
By 15-year-old filmmaker Morgana McKenzie: “In the timeless world of fairy tales, villains and victims are visited by a vengeful fairy who offers to shift the balance of power.”

Caedes: Forestglade of Death
Director: Slavko Spionjak • Action/Horror Feature – 2015 1st Place Winner • Germany • 1 hour 29 min
Dan and his three friends go camping in a forestglade. After a wild night of drinking, a young woman is bitten by another camper. As panic and hysteria spread, they seek refuge in the forest … only to find absolute evil.


pretty dangerous1 bw

Pretty Dangerous
Director: Dan Laera • Documentary Short – 2015 1st Place Winner • Canada • 9 min
The story of Seleziya “Sparx” Esho, a Canadian professional wrestler, and the emotional divide between her obsession for the thing she loves and the physical and mental strain it puts on her body and family.

Waiting for the (t)rain
Director: Simon Panay • Documentary Short – 2015 Finalist • France • 25 min
Two times a week a train passes the small village of Burkina, Africa. Food items and water bottles thrown by the passengers constitute the main income of the village, and the only source of water during dry season.

Waiting train1The Wooden House

The Wooden House
Director: Hannah Gautrey • Student Short – 2015 Finalist • United Kingdom • 12 min
A short documentary on Wesley West, a sculptor and model maker based in Cambridge, England.

Scouts Oath 
Director: Ryan Rambach • Documentary Short – 2015 Finalist • California • 13 min
A short documentary about Len Lanzi, a former Boy Scouts of America executive official who was fired after coming out as gay in a public speech.

A Venue for the End of the World 
Director: Aidan Prewett • Documentary Feature – 2015 1st Place Winner • Australia • 95 min
A filmmaker investigates the dangers of audience manipulation and leader worship.

A venue for the end of the world bw


Where is the Water in White Bear Lake?
Director: Amy Okaya • Documentary Short – 2015 Finalist • White Bear Lake • 27 min
White Bear Lake is an icon of Minnesota, and over the last ten years, its waters have been seeping away. Where is the water going, and what can be done about it? There are no easy answers as the Land of 10,000 Lakes starts to recognize its water may be limited.

Early Retirement
Director: David Mair • Comedy Short – 2015 Finalist • Vadnais Heights • 7 min
A grizzled cop seeks vengeance for his fallen partner.

Beyond This Point
Director: Bob Strong • Comedy Short – 2015 Semifinalist • Minneapolis • 7 min
Tommy just wants to go to a movie, and maybe sneak some candy in for a treat. He sees the signs that warn him not to do this, but little does he know what lies ‘beyond this point.’

Mr. Thunderbird – In Rod We Trust 
Director: Dina Dainty • Documentary Short – 2015 Finalist • Centerville • 7 min
A short documentary about the beloved Minnesota landmark known as the Thunderbird Hotel, and the man who created and ran it for 42 years.

The Dinkytown Uprising

The Dinkytown Uprising – FILMMAKER ATTENDING!
Director: Al Milgrom • Documentary Feature – Not for competition • Minneapolis • 96 min
The year is 1970. The Vietnam War keeps escalating, and protests are erupting on college campuses. But in Minneapolis, word that a new fast-food franchise is planned in Dinkytown gives the “war at home” a different turn. This documentary chronicles the 40-day, 40-night continuous Dinkytown “occupation.” From film programmer-turned-filmmaker Al Milgrom, the story is recounted by seven participants whose reminiscences become a microcosm of the ‘70s generation.


Director: Lynne Hansen • Action/Horror Short – 2015 Finalist • Florida • 12 min
Millie is determined to prove to the world that she’s captured the first real zombie–even if he’s not one.

Director: TL Westgate • Comedy Short – 2015 1st Place Winner • Florida • 9 min
When the Department of Homeland Security needed a task force to fight modern day crime, they teamed up one hero cop with one tech savvy cop to form – TechSquad


Mantoson Biotechnology
Director: Julien Vergé • Action/Horror Short – 2015 2nd Place Winner • France • 13 min
In the scientific reserve of the company Mantoson Biotechnology, a serviceman and scientist try to escape from their abusers.

Director: Michael Alberts • Action/Horror Short – 2015 Finalist • California • 15 min
Inspired by true events. Scott Somers mysteriously experiences sleep paralysis when his wife Marie sleepwalks at night. Unbeknownst to him, she lives with a horrible secret that slowly begins to eat away at their relationship.

The Whitefish Yacht Club
Director: John Gigrich • Comedy Short – 2015 Semifinalist • Minneapolis • 6 min
The wealthy Whitefish sisters call in a mysterious friend when they find a severed human foot in the cabin of their boat.

Curiosity Kills
Director: Sander Maran • Comedy Short – 2015 Finalist • 6 min
A failed chemistry experiment turns a little boy’s pet rat into a radioactive killer.

Volumes of blood2

Volumes of Blood
Directors: P.J. Starks, Nathan Thomas Milliner, Lee Vervoort, Jakob Bilinski, John Kenneth Muir • Action/Horror Feature – 2015 2nd Place Winner • Kentucky • 96 min
Five tales of dread interwoven when a sociology student gathers several of his friends on Halloween night at the library to help him create a new urban legend with deadly consequences.

Family-friendly session

Brewed Awakening

Brewed Awakening
Director: Brendan Kirschbaum • Animation Short – 2015 Finalist • Connecticut • 4 min
A happy blue guy enters a coffee shop, excited to start his day. His positive attitude is tested, however, when he finds that nobody in the coffee shop will look up from their phones to say hello, or even acknowledge his existence.

Playing with Food
Director: Soohyun Kim • Animation Short – 2015 Finalist • Texas • 3 min
A hungry fox prepares a TV dinner, but instead of a delicious, cooked meal he gets a surprise.

The Sugar Bug
Director: Will Hanley • Documentary Short – 2015 2nd Place Winner • Vermont • 11 min
A look into the lives of sugar makers and the process of making maple syrup. Several sugar makers across the state of Vermont share their stories, experiences, and love for maple syrup.

The Casebook of Nips & Porkington
Director: Melody Wang • Animation Short – 2015 2nd Place Winner • Canada • 3 min
The Casebook of Nips & Porkington is an animated short film about two members of the constabulary and their quest to restore a stolen egg to its distraught parents.

Princess Danya
Director: Xi Deng • Animation Short – 2015 Finalist • Canada • 4 min
The creation story of the Li nation of Hainan Island at the south of China.

It Hit Upon the Roof
Director: Teymour Ghaderi • Student Short – 2015 Finalist • Iran • 3 min
A young boy is at home, alone with his sick mother. It is raining outside and the roof of their home is dripping. He is playing with his toys, and also collecting the pouring water but one spot is very challenging where his mother is sleeping. He wants to keep his mother dry and does not want to wake her up.

Wild Encounter

Wild Encounter
Directors: Phillip Brunson, Yadnee Kohok, Carlos Soler Quiroga • Animation Short – 2015 Finalist • Georgia • 3 min
During a family’s trip in a drive-through safari, the kids want to feed the wild animals, but the father only wants to keep his car safe from harm. It is all up to the father to put a stop to the slobber fest.

Radio Orson
Director: Matt E. Novak • Documentary Short – 2015 Finalist • California • 14 min
In 1946 Orson Welles used his radio program to speak openly about the social issues of the day.

Switch Man

Switch Man
Director: Hsun-Chun Chuang • Animation Short – 2015 Finalist • 4 min
Dr. Evil Mantis attacks K-City, but one young man, with a hidden superhero power, stands up to turn the chaos upside down.

I’ve Just Had a Dream
Director: Javi Navarro • Drama Short – 2015 1st Place Winner • Spain • 8 min
Irene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream.


Director: Iván Ruiz Flores • Drama Short – 2015 Finalist • Spain • 15 min
A new hairdresser styles an old client.

It’s In the Blood: Leo Abshire & the Cajun Tradition
Directors: Eric Scholl & Cyndi Moran • Documentary Feature – 2015 2nd Place Winner • Illinois • 1 hr 30 min
Cajun fiddler, instrument maker, cultural ambassador, and quite possibly the best musician most Americans have never heard of.


The Blue Sweater
Director: Dhaneesh Jameson • Animation Short – 2015 1st Place Winner • India • 6 min
A story of the love of a sister for her brother and the pain of a tragedy that befalls them during India’s “raksha bandhan,” when the special bond between siblings is celebrated.

Wild Oates
Director: Joshua J. Provost • Comedy Short – 2015 Finalist • Arizona • 5 min
John Oates (Hall & Oates) is pushed to the limit during a tedious music video shoot in this retro musical parody.

For God’s Sake…
Director: Chakravarty Devulapalli • Drama Short – 2015 Finalist • India • 11 min
A customer walks into a small barber shop in East Delhi, demanding a shave. Having faced the ordeal of 1984 anti-Sikh reprisal, the devout Sikh-turned-barber comes face to face with his bête noire.

For Gods SakeMr. Dentonn

Mr. Dentonn
Director: Ivan Villamel Sanchez • Action/Horror Short – 2015 Finalist • Spain • 9 min
On a cold winter night, Laura reads her brother David the story of a strange creature that attacks children. Suddenly, a shiver runs through Laura’s body, feeling a strange presence in the house. It’s him.

Valor Cat

Valor Cat
Director: Ben Reicher • Animation Short – 2015 Finalist • California • 7 min
This is the story of evil robot Burmac’s revenge against heroic Valor Cat. A story so theatrical and over the top that it can only be expressed … in song.

Lucky Numbers
Director: Chester Milton • Student Short – 2015 Finalist • California • 10 min
A young man steals a winning lottery ticket and claims $50 million. What happens next is profound and surprising.

Chickpeas with Sugar
Director: Antonio Aguilar • Student Short – 2015 2nd Place Winner • Spain • 10 min
A true story. It’s Feb. 7, 1937 and the entrance of nationalist troops in Málaga is imminent. A woman and her four daughters are preparing for a long way on foot to look for her husband. Surviving each day becomes the main objective. Almería is more than 200 kilometers away and fatigue, hunger and bombs become their companions.

Director: Suki Singh • Drama Feature – 2015 1st Place Winner • United Kingdom • 1 hour, 37 min
Sam Heughan stars in this noir psychological thriller about a man searching for his missing wife.



Full list of finalists and semifinalists coming shortly.

1st Place • Bubble Bubble Meows and the Lame-O baby Jib • Director: Matt Orefice – United States

1st Place • THE BLUE SWEATER •
Director: Dhaneesh Jameson Kooliyath – United States
2nd Place • THE CASEBOOK OF NIPS AND PORKINGTON • Director: Melody Wang – Canada

1st Place • A VENUE FOR THE END OF THE WORLD • Director: Aidan Prewett – Australia
2nd Place • IT’S IN THE BLOOD • Directors: Eric Scholl & Cyndi Moran – United States

1st Place • Pretty Dangerous • Director: Jeff Reynolds – Canada
2nd Place • THE SUGAR BUG •
Director: Will Hanley – United States
1st Place • GET A JOB •
Directors: Brian Kohne – United States
2nd Place • AUSTRALIENS •
Director: Joe Bauer – Australia

1st Place • TECHSQUAD • Director: TL Westgate – United States
2nd Place • FANETTE • Director: Sebastien Chamaillard – France

1st Place • Caedes: Forestglade of Death • Director: Slavko Spionjak – Germany
2nd Place • VOLUMES OF BLOOD • Directors: PJ Starks, Nathan Thomas Milliner, Lee Vervoort, Jakob Bilinski, John Kenneth Muir – United States

1st Place • Maintenance Required • Director: JC Falcon – United States
Director: Julien Vergé – France

1st Place • EMULSION •
Director: Suki Singh – United Kingdom
2nd Place • THE RUNAWAY •
Director: Nick DeRuve – United States

1st Place • I’VE JUST HAD A DREAM • Director: Javi Navarro – Spain
2nd Place • THE MARTYR •
Director: Darren Langlands – United Kingdom

1st Place • THE LAST BIRTHDAY • Director: Hannah Gautrey – United Kingdom
Director: Antonio Aguilar – Spain

Get ready for “The Final Cut!”

The Hairdo or DIE gang is at it again! Be sure to head down to Chuckers in Rush City on Saturday, Oct. 25 at 7pm for the conclusion of their epic trilogy: “Hairdo or DIE: The Final Cut.” And all proceeds go to benefit the local food shelf!

Al Milgrom returning to Pine City today!

We’re thrilled to welcome Pine City’s own Al Milgrom back to his hometown today for a special sneak preview of his new documentary film! Al’s presentation will start right at 6 p.m., so make sure to get there in plenty of time to see the man whose lifetime of work earned him the title “The godfather of Twin Cities cinema.”

Afterwards, stick around for more outstanding movies, including astonishing works like “What Remains” and “Two Ghosts” – the top prizewinners in their category – and the unforgettable drama “216 Months,” the very last film of the weekend.

al milgrom hat


Map to festival locations – and “Filmmaker Meet & Greet” reminder!

Below you’ll find the map to the two sites of the 2014 Highway 61 Film Festival.

If you’re coming in from I-35, take the south Pine City exit and head east on Hillside Avenue. Go through two stoplights, and you’ll see Pine Technical & Community College right in front of you. There’s plenty of parking in the parking lot, and you can grab a bag of hot buttered popcorn from the red wagon on your way in!

When you’re heading to the 10pm shows at Pine City’s Pizza Pub, take Hillside Avenue back to Main Street and turn right. Continue south through the stop sign. We’re having major construction on 3rd Avenue, so your best bet is to turn right on 4th Avenue. Frandsen Bank and Trust has very generously allowed us to use their parking lot on Friday and Saturday nights, so pull in, walk around the block to Pizza Pub and come on in.

And … hey filmmakers! Planning to come up to Pine City for the festival on Friday or Saturday night? Between 9-10pm, make sure you’re at Pizza Pub for our “Filmmaker Meet & Greet.” It’s a chance to exchange ideas and enjoy some food and a beverage or two before the 10pm movies start at the same location. See you there!

Film Fest Locations 2014-BW

Highway 61 Film Festival schedule 2014


More than 600 films from 58 countries were submitted to Pine City’s 2014 Highway 61 Film Festival, and 18 judges from around Minnesota helped pick the winners. Now, come see some of the best independent short and feature films in the world Friday, Oct. 3rd through Sunday, Oct. 5!  Tickets $5 for 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. film sessions at Pine Technical & Community College. “All-Access Weekend Pass” $20.  Pizza Pub sessions start 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday – no charge!

To download a PDF of  the full festival program with more film details, click here:  Program Final 1

Want the list of festival competition winners? Click here.

Friday, Oct. 3 • 6 p.m.

Pine Technical & Community College



Mousse Comedy Short • 1ST PLACE WINNER! • Sweden • 40 min • During the horse race, a betting center looks like fast cash for Mousse, a man of principles living as a second-class citizen.

Community Acupuncture  Documentary Short • USA • 35 min • A small group of loudmouthed, underemployed activists and a massive group of ordinary people with average incomes revolutionize health care.

Int. Café – Night Drama Short • 2ND PLACE WINNER! • India • 13min • Two stories come together inside a café.

A Brand New You Comedy Feature • 1ST PLACE WINNER! • Canada • 1 hr 23 min • A depressed young widower convinces his landlord and roommate to help him clone his dead wife.

A Brand New You

Friday, Oct. 3 • 10 p.m.

Pizza Pub • Pine City 



Timothy Action/Horror Short – 1ST PLACE WINNER! • Spain • 10 min • Simon has to deal with his nasty babysitter Sonia. But then Simon receives a visitor – the main character of his favorite show.

Heavy Metal Recollections  Animation Short – 2014 Semifinalist • New York • 3 min • Two buddies remember the simpler times.


10K Action/Horror Short  – 2014 Finalist • California •16 min • A couple relocates to a country farmhouse. But a peaceful run on the back roads turns into terror.

Sleeping with the Dead Action/Horror Short – 2014 Finalist • Canada • 20 min • Bumbling ghost-busters sleep overnight in haunted houses for a reality TV show.

Insane Action/Horror Short – 2014 Finalist • Canada • 19 min • A young director in an abandoned psychiatric hospital inadvertently awakens a tormented soul.

The Border  Drama Short – 2014 Finalist • Texas • 27 min • After Miguel learns his daughter needs surgery his only choice is to work in the U.S.A. A smuggler takes him into the perilous Texas wilderness where they come across a grisly car accident … with survivors.

Profile of a Killer Action/Horror Feature • 1ST PLACE WINNER! • Minnesota • 1 hr 58 min  • A retired FBI profiler comes to Minnesota and is kidnapped by the “Highway 61 Killer.” Now he must profile this undetectable serial killer while directly within his psychotic grasp.

Saturday, Oct. 4 • 2 p.m.

Pine Technical & Community College


Organic life

The Organic Life Documentary Feature – 2014 Finalist • California • 60 min • A yearlong chronicle of organic farmer Austin Blair. It’s a story filled with sweat, blisters, sun, and rain as well as a passion for life, food and the earth.

Wallflower Animation Short – 2014 Finalist • Virginia • 4 min • An exploration of nature in the city with over 1,900 hand-cut paper figures, paint and murals.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.03.44 AM

Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution Documentary Short – 2ND PLACE WINNER! • Syria • 15 min  • The story of the Syrian revolution as told through the experiences of two young Syrians.

Father Drama Short – 2014 Finalist • Russia • 24 min • An alcoholic father visits his son to borrow money. The son decides to see his father home, but will this trip end in regret?

Wicker Kittens Documentary Feature • 2ND PLACE WINNER! • Wrenshall, MN • 52 min • Every January, the country’s largest jigsaw puzzle contest is held in St. Paul. Choose your favorite team and watch them try to put the pieces back together.

Saturday, Oct. 4 • 6 p.m.

Pine Technical & Community College


“Saturday”  Comedy Short • 2014 Finalist • United Kingdom • 14 min  • A behind-the-scenes look at the creation.

Amulet Dragon

Amulet of the Dragon Action/Horror Short – 2014 Finalist • Brazil • 17 min  • The clash for a stolen amulet reveals a secret guarded for centuries.

Redeploy Drama Short • 2014 Finalist • New York • 15 min • A soldier returns home in search of the peace he lost.

Let’s Try This Again Student Short – 2014 Finalist • Indiana • 16 min  • A short film about dating in a small town and why that isn’t a good idea.

Straight Up: Tennessee Whiskey Documentary Short • 1ST PLACE WINNER! • Nashville, Tennessee • 37 min •Tennessee has a long history of producing some of the world’s finest liquor, and  new distilleries have revived that tradition.

The First Date  Comedy Short • 2014 Finalist • Minnesota • 33 min • Destined to be soul mates, Jack and Rachel must have the worst first date of their lives…over and over again.

Pint  Comedy Short • 2014 Finalist • Australia • 9 min  • A wedding guest goes to work on the open bar.  Then it goes to work on him.

Derby Fever  Director: Dell Gross • Documentary Short • Pine City • 32 min  • Experience the thrills of the Pine County Fair Derby -  the greatest in Minnesota.  Meet the legendary drivers and get a taste of their passion for their sport.

Saturday, Oct. 4 • 10 p.m.

Pizza Pub • Pine City


Run   Action/Horror Short• 2014 Finalist • Minnesota • 8 min • A woman pieces together her memories and comes to a deadly conclusion.


Melon Head  Comedy Short • 2ND PLACE WINNER! • New York • 14 min • Timid Gordon comes up with the perfect plan for a first date: a late night trip into the woods where cannibalistic creatures are rumored to live.

Death Bed  Comedy Short • Minnesota • 10 min • Bob and Linda didn’t have the best marriage but they were about to find out just how bad love stinks.

Serve and Protect  Comedy Short – 2014 Finalist • New Zealand • 13 min • Suspicious crates are discovered in a small town and Darryl Kitchen must solve the case.

Go Home  • Drama Short • Minnesota • 13 min • Annie, 16, finds herself to be a stranger in her own home.


The Wall People  Action/Horror Feature – 2014 Finalist • St. Paul • 50 min • A man’s son goes missing, and his search for the boy takes him across the solar system – and deep into his own mind.

Two Oranges and a Lemon  Comedy Short – 2014 Semifinalist • California • 2 min  • Two angry women kidnap the wrong guy – or is it the “right guy?”

The Story of M.  Drama Short – 2014 Finalist • Russia • 22 min • A woman’s obsession with a Hollywood icon leads to a crushing confrontation with reality.

Finding Jimmy  Comedy Short  • Minnesota • 40 min • Jimmy’s walk to visit gamer friends takes a wild detour.


Sunday, Oct. 5 • 2 p.m.

Pine Technical & Community College

Enlightenment  Animation Short • 2014 Finalist • Russia • 1 min  • The secret of the universe has finally been revealed.

Tiki Hot  Animation Short • 2014 Semifinalist • Ohio • 2 min • A tiki tries to find a way to heat things up.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 11.59.16 PM

Sled  Drama Short • Morocco • 12 min • After the death of their parents, 8-year-old Ismail’s sister insists on him continuing his education. However, he starts to live his life the way he wants to.

The Goat  Comedy Short – 2014 Finalist • United Kingdom • 2 min • Dan’s patience is tested when his housemate brings home a goat. Yes, a goat.

My Heart  Drama Short • Iran • 2 min • Students make a gift for their sick teacher.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.12.24 AM

I Need My Monster  Animation Short – 2014 Finalist • Colorado • 12 min • Ethan just can’t get to sleep without the help of his monster. Based on the children’s book by Amanda Noll.

Something Important  Animation Short • 2014 Semifinalist • New York • 10 min • The artist shares his life experiences filtered through time and remembrance.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.13.59 AM

Amongst Laughter and Tears  Drama Short • 2014 Finalist • Brazil • 8 min • On a lonely landscape, clowns of all kinds gather in sadness, until a female clown takes them by surprise.

Humanexus  Animation Short – 2014 Finalist • Indiana • 14 min • The human race has long searched for meaningful connections. We must always ask: “Is this what we want? What do we want?”

Redemption of the Commons  Drama Feature • 2ND PLACE WINNER! • South Carolina • 90 min • Victor discovers that he must deal with his volatile past before he can move toward his life’s purpose.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.07.40 AM

Sunday, Oct. 5 • 6 p.m.

Pine Technical & Community College


Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 11.29.34 PM

AL MILGROM PRESENTS!  Rediscovering John Berryman •  Documentary Short • 26 min • Pine City native Al Milgrom presents a preview of his new  film.

87 Topaz  Documentary Short • St. Paul, Minnesota • 8 min  • A late grandfather’s diary ends abruptly, but his memory lives on through an elegy of excerpts, photographs, and musings on cars.

Gifts  Student Short • 1ST PLACE WINNER! • Canada • 10 min • At age six, Jan was miraculously retrieved from a frozen river. Now, after a lifetime of experiencing visions of others’ pain and suffering, the teenager hopes to prevent a murder.

Little Things  Drama Short •  2014 Finalist • United Arab Emirates • 15 min • Sophie realizes that her loving relationship with her husband has turned distant and decides to take action.

Disaffection  Action/Horror Short • 2ND PLACE WINNER! • France • 18 min • In the future, a team of doctors find a patient affected by a feared emotional disease.

to edgar

To Edgar  Animation Short • 2014 Finalist • Poland • 6 min • Edgar Allen Poe struggles with his creative process and his inner demons.

Never Stop Cycling  Animation Short – 2014 Finalist • Canada • 4 min • In order to maintain his routine life, a creature must journey into a strange living world

How to Catch a Bird  Director: Vera van Wolferen • Animation Short – 2014 Finalist • Netherlands • 5 min • A fishing trip leads a young woman into a dreamlike world of beauty and pain.

What Remains  Animation Short • FIRST PLACE WINNER! • Germany • 5 min • A living room in the 1940s, abandoned. What is left are photographs on the wall, memories that come to life and tell the tragic story of a love which must not be.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.24.01 AM

Two Ghosts  Animation Short • 2ND PLACE WINNER! • California • 10 min • A haunting, wordless journey through love, loneliness, and ultimately acceptance of the universe.

The Late Bird  Comedy Short • 2014 Finalist • Germany • 20 min • A crashed astronaut opens to 71-year-old Thea the possibility to  exchange her little village with the endless wideness of space.

216 Months  Drama Short • FIRST PLACE WINNER! • France • 25 min • Maureen has found great success as a “ventriloquist singer.” But the voice from her huge belly has a name: Charles. He will soon be 18 and has one sole goal in life: to be born.

Here are your winners! 2014 Highway 61 Film Festival competition results

Wow! It‘s been a long and remarkable journey to get here. We received more than 600 submissions from 57 countries, and we’re grateful to each and every filmmaker who sent in their work for our 2014 competition. It was thrilling to receive such a number and variety of films by so many talented directors. It made judging very tough, and we’d like to thank our festival prescreeners and the 18 judges who carefully and thoughtfully went through this remarkable group of short and feature films to pick the very best.

Here are the semifinalists, finalists and winners of the 2014 Highway 61 Film Festival competition.



1st Place • Profile of a Killer • Director: Caspian Tredwell-Owen – United States

2nd Place They Came from the Ether • Director: James Pronath – United States

Late Night Double-Feature • Director: Christopher Mimh – United States


Let’s Play Ghost • Director: Damien Dematra – Indonesia

TORN: a SHOCK YOUmentary • Director: Justin Carter – United Kingdom



1st Place TimothyDirector: Marc Martínez Jordán – Spain

2nd Place DisaffectionDirector: Charles Thomas – France

(finalists in alphabetical order)

10K • Director: Hendrix Caudill – United States

B.A.M.Director: Andrew Dymond – United Kingdom

He’s Not Looking So Great • Director: Gregory G. Kurczynski – United States

Insane • Director: Adam O’Brien – United States

Necrotic • Director: Ross Williams – United States

Pixel Theory: Pandora’s Box • Director: Daniel Hernández Torrado – Spain

Run • Director: Josh Mruz – United States

Second Wind • Director: Sergey Tsyss – Russian Federation

Sleeping with the Dead • Director: Allison Beda – United States

The Amulet of the Dragon • Director: João Paulo Andrade – Brazil


Days End • Director: Thomas C. Gaunt – United States

Decon • Director: Luke Snailham – United States

Freedom Deal: The Story of Lucky • Director: J “Jack RO” Rosette – Cambodia

Home Sweet Home • Director: Carlos Carpallo – Spain

Let God Sort Them Out • Director: Cédric Le Men – France

Medicine Men • Director: Freddy Lond – Belgium

Spectral Transmission • Director: Bryan Liberty & Bryan Kastelan – United States

The Chosen • Director: Guillermo Ruotolo – Germany

The First Step • Directors: Kate McMeans & Daniel Brown – United States

The Visitor • Director: Matt James – United Kingdom



1st Place Bubble Bubble Meows and the Meteor StomachacheDirector: Matt Orefice – United States



1st Place • What RemainsDirector: Liv Scharbatke

2nd Place Two GhostsDirector: Amy Lee Ketchum

(finalists in alphabetical order)

Enlightenment • Director: Marat Narimanov • Russian Federation

How to Catch a Bird • Director: Vera van Wolferen • Netherlands

Humanexus • Director: Ying-Fang Shen • United States

I Need My Monster •  Director: Stephen Baker • United States

Keli • Director: Ranjitha Rajeevan • India

Never Stop Cycling • Director: Colin Lepper • Canada

The Little Girl • Director: Hakan Berber • Turkey

The Pride of Strathmoor • Director: Einar Baldvin • United States

To Edgar • Director: Ewa Łuczków • Poland

Wallflower • Director: Nils Westergard • United States


A Bottle of Lives • Director: Ching Yu Yang • Taiwan

Heavy Metal Recollections • Director: Shawn Wickens • United States

Mean Teddies • Director: Tyler Novo • Canada

Mirage • Director: Yaya Xu • United States

Something Important • Director: NaiWei Liu • United States Jarann Pan

Tiki Hot • Director: Jarann Pan • United States

Tick and Cow • Director: Mehr Chatterjee • United States



1st Place • A Brand New YouDirectors: Kathryn Palmateer & Shawn Whitney • Canada

2nd Place FatherLikeSonDirector: Mac Alsfeld • United States

The Karaoke Brothers • Director: Joe Richardson • United States



1st Place MousseDirector: John Hellberg • Sweden

2nd Place Melon HeadDirector: Andy Fortenbacher • United States

(finalists in alphabetical order)

A Frenchman In Barrow • Director: Paul Peterson • United States

Kosher • Director: Alexanderson Bolaño • Mexico

Pint • Director: Nic Barker • Australia

Saturday • Director: Keif Gwinn • United Kingdom

Serve and Protect • Director: Scott Granville • New Zealand

Sophie’s Fortune • Director: Phil Meachem • United Kingdom

The Goat • Director: James Button • United Kingdom

The First Date • Director: Mason Makram • United States

The Late Bird • Director: Sascha Vredenburg Germany

Tough Case • Director: Stefan Perez United States


A Noble Quest • Director: John Gigrich • United States

Bathroom Scribes • Director: Cassandra V.H. Petersen • United States

Blue Division • Director: Sergi Marti • Spain

Cyberlife 2030 • Director: Rudy Carpio • Norway

Did You Like the Movie? • Director: Adrià Guxens • United States

Hollywood, Extra! • Director: Ryan Gilmer • United States

G-T • Director: Mark Krol • Russian Federation

Internal Revelation • Director: Eden Hadad • Israel

Love in the Kitchen • Director: Teresa Hayer Germany

Love Unmasked • Director: Cole Meyer • United States

Margie: A Retirement Tale • Director: Charlie Sporns • United States

Michel • Director: Romain Richard France

Out of a Limb • Director: Patrick Loy • United States

Shotgun • Director: Maverick Moore • United States

Strong Coffee with Vodka • Director: Vladimir Scheiermann • Germany

That Bitch Becky • Director: Rebecca Rochon • Canada

The Kid Who Made the Face • Director: Michael Gingras • Canada

Zugzwang • Director: Yolanda Centeno • Brazil



1st Place American HeartDirector: Chris Newberry • United States

2nd Place Wicker KittensDirector: Amy C. Elliott • United States

(finalists in alphabetical order)

Existentia • Director: Matt Utecht United States

Teddy – A Tour of the Guide • Director: Justin Steigely • United States

The Organic Life Director: Casey Beck • United States

Thicker Than Water • Director: Bradley Rappa • United States


Adelante • Director: Noam Osband • United States

Rewilding America: Lessons Learned from the Cape Cod Bear • Director: Maryanne Galvin • United States



1st Place Straight Up: Tennessee WhiskeyDirector: Caleb Watson • United States

2nd Place Not Anymore: A Story of RevolutionDirector: Matthew VanDyke • Syria

(finalists in alphabetical order)

87 Topaz • Director: Bill Kersey • United States

Art of Motion • Director: Rhodri Williams • United Kingdom

Breaking the Cycle • Director: Philip Coleman • United Kingdom

CottonDreams • Director: Sandeep Balhara • Poland

Hotel Bellvue • Director: Claire Walka • Germany

Michael S.Recollected • Director: Steven Swirko • Austria

Puppet Man • Director: Yang Wu • United States

Sayachapis • Director: Marie Soleil Henri Foisy • Canada

The Characteristics of C-Minor • Directors: J.Ollie Lucks and Max Bellamy • New Zealand

The Real Story: Media Coverage of Disability Issues in Minnesota Directors: Tim Benjamin and Jerry Smith • United States


Atletico Clube Serido • Director: Fritz Delangelo • Brazil

City Hearts • Director: Yang Wu • United States

Community Acupuncture • Director: Brian Lindstrom • United States

Going Country • Director: Barry Leigh-Delaney • United Kingdom

I, Artist • Director: Yang Wu • United States

My Uncle Bob • Director: David Jensen • United States

Once Upon Another Time • Alexandre Baevi • Georgia

The Man in the Booth • Director: Justin Ayd • United States

Zio Ninnucio • Director: Noriko Sugiura • Italy



1st Place • A Soft Scent of CinnamonDirector: Giovanna Ribes • Spain

2nd Place Redemption of the CommonsDirector: KT Terry • United States

Bittersweet Monday • Director: Jaime Lee • United States


(in alphabetical order)

Agnus Dei • Director: Agim Sopi • Kosovo

Amberpark: The Beginning • Directors: Lance Meaux and Terri L. Bea • United States

Coin Toss • Director: Satya Kharkar • United States



1st Place • 216 MonthsDirectors: Valentin Potier & Frédéric Potier • France

2nd Place Int. Café–NightDirector: Adriraj Bose – India

(finalists in alphabetical order)

Amongst Laughs and Tears • Director: Rubens Marinelli Neto • Brazil

Erase Una Vez • Director: Alexanderson Bolaño • Mexico

Father • Aleksandr Razbash • Russian Federation

Jung-Mi • Director: Juhyoung Ra • United States

Lea • Director: Dario Gorini • Italy

Little Things • Director: Rati Tsiteladze • United Arab Emirates

Redeploy • Director: Nuria Dixon • United States

The Border • Director: Rene Rhi • United States

The Story of M. • Director: Anna Arlanova • Russian Federation


Aemorrage • Director: • Patrick Devaney • United States

Being James • Haolu Wang • United Kingdom

Citizen • Director: Dale Driver • United Kingdom

Damage • Director: Maya Meiri • Israel

Diminished • Director: Konstantina Palli • Greece

Diving In • Director: Simon Intihar • Slovenia

Eternal Vendetta • Director: Oscar Rodriguez Gorriz • Mexico

Four Leaf Clover • Director: Hakan Berber • Turkey

Last Ditch • Director: Mahi Bena • France

Last of You • Director: Dan Sachar • Israel

Moths • Director: Andy Fortenbacher • United States

RamblerDirector: Patrick QuaglianoUnited States

Silent SpringDirector: Antoine Nassif Lebanon

Spirit of NegationDirector: Alexander KuribayashiUnited States

SweetnessDirector: Joseph LuebenUnited States

The Bounty HunterDirector: Gordon S. WilliamsUnited States

The CageDirector: Natalka Gordiy • Ukraine

War of ConscienceDirectors: Daniel Chudy and Melanie WiegmannGermany

The Dolphin Skin City • Director: Pierre Gaffie • France

The Last I Look Upon Your FaceDirector: Jed Tune and Glen Kirby United Kingdom

The Last SightDirector: Douglas StahlGermany

The Man Who Walked on the MoonDirector: Jenny LuUnited Kingdom

The Real Evidence: Laptop • Director: Egor Gavrilin • Russian Federation



1st Place GiftsDirector: Morgana McKenzie • United States

2nd Place We’re Okay • Director: Kira Bursky • United States

(finalists in alphabetical order)

Angel for HireDirector: Katy HoggardUnited Kingdom

Because I Am a GirlDirectors: Students of Christel House India, Bangalore India

Camping MisadventuresDirector: Chris Choyce United States

ConscriptionDirector: Nick Ramey United States

EvolutionDirectors: Alexia and Sophia Salingaros United States

Let’s Try this AgainDirector: Doug KeelingUnited States

Looking Up: Sami Stoner & ChloeDirector: Brittney LybargerUnited States

ShirzadDirector: Ahmed NegmEgypt

The Bag IIDirectors: Teagan Gosling and Avery Stefanson Canada

Trust MeDirector: Jenna MenziesUnited Kingdom


Black Rock Creek Director: Malone LumardaUnited States

Cave Director: Abbey SacksUnited States

Chained Colours Director: Leo Vitasovic and Jozo JozipovicCroatia

Ne Kopeyka Director: Maria AlinaRussian Federation

Shards Director: Charisma Dozier United States

Sink or Swim Directors: Max Wilson, Fiaona Macintosh, Kai Dougan

Speed Bumps Director: Abbey Sacks United States

Take a Nap Director: Anton WongCanada

Three-O-Seven Director: Spencer Howson United States

The Waiting Game Director: Maria AlvarezUnited States

To Kill a Mockingbird Trailer Director: Annie NelsonUnited States

Warm RushDirector: Kira BurskyUnited States

YashodaDirector: Yuvraj Mahagaonkar India

Z-DayDirector: Chloe BilladeauUnited States


A special recognition to our fellow local filmmakers who submitted this year:

Alone with his Thoughts • Director: A.L. Terry • Rock Creek, MN

Burning Memories • Director: Pete Garsow • Cloquet, MN

Do It! • Director: Payton Koehler • Stewartville, MN

SnowBound | Lightning Strikes Twice • Director: Doug Phillips • Rice Lake, WI

Waiting to Scream • Director: Nate Johnson • Kettle River, MN